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Can I print from my laptop?

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There are two methods for printing wirelessly: webprint and email printing. Email is quick and easy, but webprint has more features. Scroll down for instructions for both. FAQs Can I print multiple copies? Only via webprint.  Can I email multiple attachments to print multiple jobs? No, just one email attachment (job) per email.  Can I print double-sided? Only in WebPrint. Can I specify a ran ... read more

What are the library's open hours today/next week? What time does the library open?

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You can view our open hours here on the library website. Note that there is also a link for a printable calendar. See you soon!

How long can I check out books/DVDs/Media/Reserves?

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ITEM TYPE LOAN PERIOD MAX ITEMS CHECKED OUT Books Undergrads: 4 weeks + 8 renewals Grad Students: 4 months Undergrads: 50 Grad Students: 50 DVD, VHS & other media  7 days + 1 renewal 3 Class Reserves Note: some items are in-library use only 2 hours / 1 day / 3 days / 7 days Renewal in-person Some 2-hour Reserves may be checked out overnight shortly before closing 2 Books from Roa ... read more

Who do I talk to about getting help with research?

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All of the librarians can help you, and we are happy to have you stop by or make an appointment to look at your research in-depth. Our specializations are as follows: Luke Vilelle - Social Sciences (Business, Communications, Economics, Gender & Women's Studies, Geography, International Studies, Political Science, Sociology.) 540-362-6232 or lvilelle@hollins.edu Maryke Barber - Arts (Art, Dance, Fi ... read more

How does the wireless printing work?

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WEBPRINT See this presentation on slideshare to find out how webprint (wireless printing via the network) works. Mobile Printing via web submission  Must be attached to either Hollins or HollinsStudent network. Go to http://hotspot/cps/ Click on PRINT. Enter your Hollins username and password. Then Click LOG IN. Click Hollins-printing-bw for standard black and white printing, or click holl ... read more

My Interlibrary Loan (ILL) password doesn't work. What do I do?

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1. Did you try using your Hollins network username and password, the same you use for logging into my.hollins and your hollins.edu email? If you do not know your Hollins username and password, contact the Hollins IT department: 540-362-6538. 2. Already have an existing ILL account? You can choose to continue to access your existing account with your current ILL username/password; no changes needed ... read more

How do I log into the databases?

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To log into a database, use the same username/password you use to log into your Hollins email.  If you are having trouble with this username/password, contact the IT Help Desk at (540) 362-6538, e-mail helpdesk@hollins.edu. If you suspect a database is not functioning properly, call the library's reference desk at (540)362-7465 or email askref@hollins.edu

Where is Maryke, and how do you pronounce her name?

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Mah-Rye-Kah Maryke Barber is the Public Services & Arts Liaison Librarian. Her office is on the first floor of the library. You can contact her at 540-362-6592 or mbarber@hollins.edu

Who is the humanities librarian?

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Rebecca Seipp. You can contact her at 540-362-6328 or seipprl@hollins.edu.

Who is the sciences librarian?

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James Miller is the liaison for division 3 (math, psychology, chemistry, biology, environmental studies, computer science, statistics). You can contact him at 540-362-6653 or millerjc@hollins.edu.

How can alumnae/i access library resources/databases?

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Our library welcomes Hollins alumnae/i, as well as those wishing to research the history of the Hollins community. Find out more about library privileges for our alums here. Regarding databases (Project Muse, JSTOR, and Sage Publications), all alumnae/i must have a User ID and password.  Please contact the alumnae office (alumnae@hollins.edu or 800-TINKER1) to get your log-in information.  Please ... read more

Do any of your computers have SPSS?

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Yes. There are two computers loaded with SPSS on the second floor, closest to the printer. 

How do I log into the Hollins wireless network?

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The HollinsGuest network does not require a network login, but it will ask guests to register using a valid email address. Some websites will be blocked. Students whose laptops meet the minimum configuration requirements can register their computer on the wireless system: this registration is done with the Hollins IT staff. Hollins University uses a connection which shows “Hollins Student” on thei ... read more

Where are the theses?

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In the archives on the third floor. The newer ones will be on the Hollins Digital Commons. If you are looking for a specific author/title, verify which kind of thesis (graduate or undergraduate honors) and look up the thesis on the catalog.  Here is a video below that will guide you. Write down the citation (Year and the Author's last name) before coming to the archives, if possible. If you are un ... read more

Where is the Instruction Room?

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On the second floor. If you are on the first floor, walk up the steps and the instruction room is in the far right corner. Click on this question to view the map.

How do I cite this source (website, article, book, etc) in my bibliography or reference list?

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Bibme is an online citation service that may be helpful. Click on this question to view the link.  STYLE GUIDES Style guides explain how citations and formatting should look for academic writing. You can ask for detailed style guides at the library's first floor Reference Desk (see list below) or use an online guide: MLA Guide (source: Purdue OWL, Online Writing Lab) APA Guide (source: Purdue OWL, ... read more

What databases can I search for my assignment?

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We have a list of databases by subject and A-Z listings. You can view them here. If you're not sure which is an appropriate database for your topic, we can help! Call the reference desk (540)362-7465, email us at askref@hollins.edu, or use the "Ask a Librarian" box on the home page to ask your question.

How do I find full-text (articles)?

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Great question. You can search for the journal title for your article in our Journal Finder.  Using Journal Finder from Wyndham Robertson Library on Vimeo. If you don't find the journal in Journal Finder, you can use Interlibrary Loan to request the article. Going from Journal Finder to Interlibrary Loan (article request) from Wyndham Robertson Library on Vimeo.  

Where are the children's books?

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The third floor houses the Juvenile Collection as well as the Children's Alcove (scholarly works on children's literature). Click on this question to see a map.  

My password isn't working. Who do I contact?

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Campus IT. help_desk@hollins.edu OR 540-362-6538 They are open Mon-Fri 8:30 - 4:30

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